The eight weeks are split into four back-to-back 2-week modules. Each module will tackle a different real-world challenge and will allow participants to develop new technical skills pertinent to that project. All modules will enhance participant’s general data science readiness, project management, communication and leadership skills.

The goals of the program are to deliver:

  • Hands-on experience and deep understanding of key technical skills in data science including machine learning, big data computing and business intelligence.
  • A dynamic network of colleagues who will be future leaders and data scientists.
  • A portfolio of real-world success stories in data science, backed up by quantitative performance metrics.
  • The ability to rapidly learn new data science skills to allow them to remain on the cutting edge despite the rapidly evolution in the field.
  • An understanding of which areas of data science they wish to specialise in.


Among many others, the program will cover:

    • Advanced python skills
    • Managing the data science project life cycle
    • Problem solving and model selection: starting to build a solution
    • Machine learning algorithms: which one is right?
    • Deep learning and neural networks for AI based on Google’s Tensorflow
    • Big data computing including Spark and related database technologies
    • Natural language processing and machine learning for text
    • Testing and quality assurance for data science projects
    • Scrum as a methology for agile project management
    • Productionalising data science projects with cloud services such as AWS
    • Creating stunning visualisations and dashboards and compelling story-telling.


Course tuition fees are R15,000* per module or R50,000* for the complete 8-week course (4 modules).
(*Fees exclude 15% VAT and are subject to change.)

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